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Date: Monday, May 12, 2014

Time: 7:00 PM

Place: Rothschild Village Hall

Pursuant to State Statutes, the following subject matter will come before the Board for consideration and possible action:

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge to Flag

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting(s):

Minutes of the April 28, 2014 Board Meeting

4. Requests and Statements from Audience

5. Clerk’s Report

A. Applications, Licenses and Permits (as submitted)

6. Commission Minutes of: February 19, 2014 and April 14, 2014

7. Redevelopment Resources Contract Extension

8. Police Report

9. EMT/Fire Report

10. Joint Municipal Court Agreement

11. 2014-2015 Committee/Commission Appointments

12. Treasurer Report

13. Payment of Vouchers

14. REI- Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Proposal

15. Zenith Tech Temporary Land Use

16. CSM: Cedar Creek Mall Parcel

17. Coral Lanes Partial Site Plan

18. Lignotech Site Plan

19. Kalfka Site Plan

20. Administrator of Public Works Report

21. Committee Reports

22. President’s Report

23. Adjourn


Presiding Officer or Designee

Posted at the: Rothschild Village Hall & Rothschild Post Office:

By: DE

Date: 5-9-2014

Time: AM

Daily Herald Notified:

Via: FAX

By: DE

Date: 5-9-2014

Time: AM

NOTE: Please note, upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals through appropriate aids and services. For additional information or to request this service, contact the Village Clerk’s Office, 359-3660, during the normal hours of operation.

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