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1. Roll Call: Chairman George Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Members Present: Don Bartz, Mutch Owen, Arlene Paulson, Dan Mortensen, Craig McEwen, Jim Keleske. Quorum Present. Also present: Administrator of Public Works Timothy Vergara, and Clerk/Treasurer Debbie Espeland.

2. The "Pledge of Allegiance" was recited.

3. Minutes:
Motion by Paulson/Bartz to approve the Meeting Minutes of the January 13, 2014 Regular Village Board Meeting and the Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes of July 16, 2013
Questioned and carried 7:0.

4. Requests and Statements from the Audience:
Carla Aldrich complained about the odor, light and vibration coming from the Domtar Storage Building. Carla stated she expected problems from the main plant only not the storage building as well. She believes there is no installation in the building creating some of the problems. She complained that there is frozen bio-mass everywhere on the ground. She wants the Village to pay attention and do something regarding these problems. Village President George Peterson said he would get back to her by the end of the week after he addresses her concerns with Domtar.

5. Clerk's Report:
Licenses and Permits
- Motion by Owen/Paulson to grant the licenses and permits. Questioned and carried 7:0.

6. Village of Rothschild Family Snow Sculpture Contest - Resident Patty Zemke presented a proposal for a Family Snow Sculpture Contest for the families of Rothschild. She would like to have the event the week-end of March 8-9 with the Rothschild Garden Club judging the sculptures. A free registration would be completed at the Village Hall by March 7th. The contestant would get a flag/pinwheel to place in the yards identifying they are contestants. Patty has contacted a couple of businesses to donate prizes for a random drawing for the contestants. The board was in favor of her moving forward in organizing the event.

7. Ordinance Amending Section 524-2 and 524-2B Entitled "Speed Limits" of the General Code of Ordinances

Currently the Village Ordinance speed limit of 35 mph targets the area between Military road and Village Way as well as all of BUS HWY 51 in the Village. The DOT requested all of BUS HWY 51 be posted at 35 mph in the Village. The Village of Kronenwetter disagrees with the placement of 35mph speed zone starting in their jurisdiction. Therefore, it is requested the Ordinance be changed to reflect that the speed zone will now start inside of Rothschild's boundary and not on the northern edge of Kronenwetter on BUS HWY 51.

Police Chief Jeremy Hunt requested that the signs not be posted until the project is substantially complete.

The proposed change to Section 524-2B from .02 miles north of its intersection to .05 miles north of it intersection will read as follows:

The speed limit on Old Highway 51 shall be 35 miles per hour from a point .05 miles north of its intersection with Village Way, said point being the present southern corporate limits of the Village of Rothschild, northerly to its junction with the southern ramp terminal at Interstate Highway 39.

Motioned by Mortensen/Bartz to amend Ordinance Section 524-2 Entitled "Speed Limits" Section 524-2B of the General Code of Ordinances of the Village of Rothschild to read: The speed limit on Old Highway 51 shall be 35 miles per hour from a point .05 miles north of its intersection with Village Way, said point being the present southern corporate limits of the Village of Rothschild, northerly to its junction with the southern ramp terminal at Interstate Highway 39. Questioned and carried 7:0.

8. Police Report- Police Chief Jeremy Hunt gave an update on his department.

- The Department has completed their alcohol compliance checks. The businesses that did not pass were Coral Lanes, The Bar, and Green Mill.

- Jeremy addressed his concern with the Marathon County Humane Society and their unwillingness to accommodate the Municipality for non-dog animals unless we sign the contract they offered to us.

He suggested the Village consider contracting with Lincoln County, he felt they were more receptive to our needs.

The board would like the Village to look at all options before any decision is made.

9. EMS/Fire Report -Fire Chief Marc Hill gave an update on the activities of the department.

Run Volume is accurate from January 27th through February 7th
18 EMS runs, YTD: 43
4 Fire/Rescue runs, YTD: 12
Total runs to date 55 calls for service since January 1st.

We have instituted a new 3rd party training program for driving in the department. CEVO3 or Certified Emergency Vehicle Operations 3 which is focused on driving and operating the ambulance will enable the department to show a professional level of expectation with regard to safely operating the ambulances in the department. This program satisfies and goes beyond expectations of the State mandated process. Training for CEVO3 will be finished on February 17th.

I have begun work on the Fire Department's role in permitting and building authorizations with Clerk/Treasurer Espeland. The department prior had a limited role; however in today's society the fire department needs to have a place in the processing of building design in the village with regard to fire and life safety issues along with the overall role of community hazard mitigation and safety.

Internal talks have also begun with regard to our current EMS level of service. The 2014 year is a renewal year for all agencies in the State and if the Village would want to advance to the Paramedic level of service now would be the time to do so. I have spoken to our Medical Director about advancement and he is in favor of it. More discussion will be needed from the community and business leaders to get a true sense of what level of EMS service is expected for our community as a whole.

I have finished the Year End Report for 2013 and it is in your materials.

10 Pavilion Report - Pavilion Manager Jim Bradfish gave an update on the Pavilion:

We have been chopping away at the changes to the Pavilion Hall.
Since the first of the year we have the following to report.

-The new floor cleaner has been working well and the floors are finally getting the attention they demand. This new cleaner was is environmentally conscience and also more cost efficient to our budget. The purchase was included in this year's budget.
-The hood has been removed from the east wall and we are waiting for some warm weather to be able to open the ceiling for the install. Hopefully we can get this out of the way by the end of the month.
-We and the optimist have agreed to the proposed trade of equipment towards rental fees. We will have all the equipment in and installed as soon as the hood is in place. The sink will being going in this week. Thank you for allowing the bargaining process to run its course. It will be a large benefit to the Pavilion when everything is in place.
-Additional railings have been installed and stained on the south end of the balcony.
-The large railing above the fireplace has been stained and sealed.
-A new top rail above the balcony stairwell will be added this week.
-All the windows and the baseboards have been painted.
-We have purchased the budgeted snow and leaf blowers. Both were needed in this last weekend removal of snow from the wings. The attic group was brought in the help remove the snow.
-We are still working out the kinks of heating the building. We will be discussing these problems and suggestions to resolve the problems by researched by Badger Heating later in the meeting. Note: We have lost a rental due fee due to problems with the heating system.
-The new shelving has been installed in the archway.
-The new counter top in the archway has been installed.

Many of the bids for equipment and repairs have successfully been negotiated to a lower amount.

11. Treasurers Report - Motioned by Mortensen/McEwen to approve the December 2013 Treasurers Report. Questioned and carried 7:0.

12. Payment of the Vouchers - Motioned by Mortensen/McEwen to approve payment of the vouchers. Questioned and carried 7:0.

13. WisDOT: State Municipal Agreement (SMA): WisDOT Construction Project #1166-12-01- I/39 Business 51 Interchange.

Tim Vergara the Administrator of Public Works presented Revision #1 to a State Municipal Agreement #1166-12-01 I/39 Business 51 Interchange. The revision has no change in the agreed upon funds, only in the Federal/State Funds category. Local utilities (1166-12-86) O/S R/W Cat 0010 has been deleted from the category. This change is an internal DOT function only. Tim recommended the Board approve the revision.

Motioned by Mortensen/Paulson to approve Revision #1 of the WisDOT State Municipal Agreement #1166-12-01 I/39 Business 51 Interchange. Questioned and carried 7:0.

14. Closure of Street Access on BUS HWY 51 - In a Public Works Committee meeting on February 10, 2014 there was discussion regarding closures of street entries to BUS HWY 51 that was proposed by WisDOT. The Committee tabled the proposal until there is more information from the DOT. At this time the Board will concentrate on a second appraisal of the property at 8505 Business Highway 51 before they consider street closures.

15. Administrator of Public Works Report - The Administrator of Public Works gave an update on the department.

- Tim gave an update on the progress of the Village HVAC System.

- He reminded the Board that on February 19, 2014 there is going to be an official public input meeting for the Outdoor Recreation Plan at 6PM and a hearing at 7PM for both the Village's Comprehensive Plan and Re-Zone of the Cedar Creek area in the Community Room.

16. Committee Reports - Municipal Appointee Craig McEwen of the Aquatic Center Commission and Village Trustee gave an update on the activities of the pool.

- Craig said the commission reviewed the applicants for the pool and they hired Deb Hubacek as the Assistant Pool Manager.

- The commission is busy planning the operations for the 2014 pool season.

17. President's Report: Village President George Peterson gave an update on his activities, meetings and Village business.

18. Old Business/New Business: None

19. Adjourn: Motion by Paulson/McEwen. Questioned and carried 7:0. The meeting adjourned at 8:20PM.


Debbie Espeland
Clerk/ Treasurer

The entire proceedings are on audio file in the Clerk's Office.

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