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1. Roll Call: Chairman George Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Members Present: Don Bartz, Jim Keleske, Arlene Paulson, Dan Mortensen, Craig McEwen and Village President George Peterson. Mutch Owen was excused. Quorum Present. Also present: Clerk/Treasurer Debbie Espeland.

2. The "Pledge of Allegiance" was recited.

3. Minutes:
Motion by McEwen/Paulson to approve the Meeting Minutes of February 24, 2014. Questioned and carried 6:0.

4. Requests and Statements from the Audience:

5. Clerk's Report:
Licenses and Permits
- Motion by Paulson/Mortensen to grant the licenses and permits. Questioned and carried 6:0.

Redevelopment Resources Update - This report will serve as a summary of activities Redevelopment Resources has undertaken on behalf of the Village of Rothschild over the past four months. Please note that names of specific companies, retailers and contacts will not be shared until there is an appropriate time at which details of any pending deal can be made public.

1. Web site- a request for proposals (RFP} for a web site redesign has been drafted and is being reviewed by Village staff.

2. List of Available Real Estate- A list of available commercial real estate has been created. All commercial properties currently listed in the Village of Rothschild are also now listed on the state's commercial real estate database, "Locate In Wisconsin", and will be updated as

properties change and more information is available. Data is still being collected on some of the privately listed (non-MLS} properties and will be added to the database ongoing.

3. List of Target Companies- A list of prospective retailers appropriate for the Shopko Plaza, Cedar

Creek Mall, Brown Blvd. and redevelopment properties has been started. Target companies include those where there is the most opportunity for their success based on the market saturation, competition, company requirements and suitability to available property under current conditions. The list includes categories for sporting goods stores, department stores, restaurants, coffee shops, general merchandisers, gas station/convenience stores, local medical service providers, professional offices, specialty good and food stores, and service businesses.

4. Development of Marketing Materials- A multi-page marketing and promotional piece about Rothschild is under development. This piece will cite work that is proposed for redevelopment, current happenings, available properties, market data with demographics, sales potential for various categories of retail and commercial businesses, other appropriate data about Rothschild and the surrounding market and contact information for follow up. Prospects who receive the marketing piece receive follow up contact within three days.

5. Meetings with property- and business owners- Redevelopment Resources has met with several local business and property owners in Rothschild. What follow is a representative sample including but not limited to:

a. Shopko Plaza- we spoke with their ownership representative who was in Chicago and referred us to a contractor to discuss fa-cade improvements. We have been in contact with the contractor and will work with them to encourage a high quality finished product if and when they are ready.
b. Joe Buska- have met and continue an ongoing dialogue.
c. Creske properties- have met numerous times and continue an ongoing dialogue.
d. River Valley Bank- have met with executive staff and discussed Village goals for redevelopment of area south of bank property.
e. Brown Blvd. businesses- have met with most and working hard to transition 21Brown Blvd. to a higher and better use. Participated in sale of 18 Brown Blvd. and have met with owner regarding facade upgrades.
f. Cedar Creek Mall- met with previous management, and current management. Was asked to assist in developing marketing content for the mall. Providing market data, traffic counts, demographics, contacts for site plan assistance, and prospect brainstorming. Hosted a Redevelopment Resources team conference call with our real estate and retail consultants and mall management.

6. Prospects- Have had contact with one business expansion/attraction prospect (looking for land), two industrial developments interested in locating in Rothschild, and one start-up desiring to locate in Rothschild. Redevelopment Resources is providing business planning assistance and market data to start up business and will continue to work with this prospect to find a suitable location in the village.

7. Press releases- wrote and distributed press releases related to Schuette Metals expansion and Cedar Creek Business Park rezoning. Both articles appeared in Wausau Daily Herald and on WSAU radio. A reporter followed up from City Pages as well.

6. Police Report-

Police Chief Jeremy Hunt introduced two new officers, Officer Nathan Zuelke and Officer Mitchell Klieforth.

Jeremy also presented the Police Department 2013 year-end report.

7. EMS/Fire Report -Fire Chief Marc Hill gave an update on the activities of the department.

Since our last Village Meeting on February 24th:

Run Volume is accurate from February 24th through March 7th
26 EMS runs, YTD: 90
Fire/Rescue runs, YTD: 16
Total runs to date 106 calls for service since January 1st.

We have been pretty busy the past few weeks. Our call volume has gone up considerably in comparison to the same time period last year. So far we have been able to handle the increased call volume; however as with any business that employs part-time workers, the constant need to hire and recruit new members is a daunting challenge.

It is extremely difficult to find new members that have the necessary skills, attitude, certifications, time, and proximity to our community. We are not alone in this issue, the country as a whole is also facing this problem, however we are reaching a point that we will need to ask some very tough questions.

I have begun our strategic planning process for the next short term (2 years) and medium term (4 years) goals. I would like to find out your opinions on the attached questions concerning the department. As we move ahead with the planning process I need to know what vision the Village has for this department and find out what aspects we want to provide for service and at what cost.

I attended the Wisconsin Fire Chief's Education Association meeting this past week. Many great topics were discussed. We will be addressing the new health fitness requirements as soon as possible to best become compliant with State laws and regulations. The State has changed Hazmat response requirements for departments to match Federal law. This is of major concern to us considering the amount of businesses that operates with hazardous materials in the Village. I will have to look into what legal aspects we need to be able to handle as a municipality and get back to you on this, but a warning that it will most likely be a need to increase or local capabilities and expectations for that type of service response.

We have had numerous issues with our garage doors. I will be in contact with American Door to find out options, but a number of the openers will most likely need to be replaced.

Respectfully submitted by Chief of Fire & EMS, Marc Hill

8. Payment of the Vouchers - Motioned by Mortensen/Bartz to approve payment of the vouchers. Questioned and carried 6:0.

9. Donation Steve Fritz Cycle Ride - Mark Tautges contacted the Village regarding a donation to the Steve Fritz Cyle Ride. The proceeds would be given to an organization called Wild Instincts. There was not enough information about Wild Instincts presented to make a decision; therefore it was concluded to table a donation until more information could be obtained. Motioned by Mortensen/Bartz to table a donation to the Steve Fritz Cycle Ride until more information can be obtained about Wild Instincts. Questioned and carried 6:0.

10. Humane Society Contract -

Village President George Peterson reviewed an amendment to the proposed "Purchase of Animal Impoundment Services Agreement" he also reviewed some of the main points of the proposed general service by the Humane Society.

- Currently it is proposed the Village pay $5,000.00 for 2014 for the intake of cats and other non-dog strays. The County has set up an incentive program for the Municipalities that sign an agreement with the Humane Society by March 31, 2014. The incentive offered by the County is $90,000.00 to be distributed over two years ($60,000.00 for 2014 and $30,000.00 for 2015) to help subsidize the annual cost of the service provided.

For 2014 the first year of contracted service with the Humane Society will cost the Village approximately $2,600.00 with a subsidy of approximately $2,400.00 from the County (the subsidy is calculated on the population of the municipality).

In 2015 (the last year of any subsidy) will cost the Village approximately $3,400.00 with a subsidy of approximately $1,600.00 after that the Village will pay 100% of the cost every year.

- The proposed agreement will give the Village unlimited animal intake service.

George expressed how disappointed the municipalities are that the county has decided not to fund 100% the service provided by the Humane Society and pass an additional cost unto the municipalities. The municipalities currently pay the county the great majority of the dog licensing revenue. The Village in 2012 had only 39 animals brought to the Humane Society.

Trustee Craig McEwen stated that Marathon County was the only county in the State that was paying for all the animal service provided by the Humane Society to the Municipalities and they are only required to pay for dogs.

George recommended the Village sign the agreement for 2014 to give our residents and the Police a local place to take the animals for the first year, then the Village can determine from budgets and activity what they would consider for 2015.

Motioned by Mortensen/McEwen to approve the "Purchase of Animal Impoundment Services Agreement for 2014. Roll Call Vote: Jim Keleske - Aye; Arlene Paulson - Aye; Dan Mortensen - Aye; Don Bartz - Aye; Craig McEwen - Aye and Village President George Peterson - Aye. Aye: 6, Ney: 0. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

George also recommended the Village approve the "Municipality Held for Cause Services Agreement" from the Humane Society. He feels it is a form of insurance for the Village; this agreement does not cost anything. The County is working with the Humane Society to establish some protocol. It will be designed with requirements such as:

- If a citizen brings in the animal it will be held for 7 days
- Homeowner will be notified to pick up their animal within 7 days.
- The owner will have to pay for their animal at time of pick up.
- They will have to provide proof of rabies and license.
- If the owner does not agree/pay they will have to go to circuit court.

Motioned by Paulson/McEwen to approve the "Municipality Held for Cause Services Agreement" with the Humane Society. Roll Call Vote: Craig McEwen - Aye; Don Bartz - Aye; Dan Mortensen - Aye; Arlene Paulson - Aye; Jim Keleske - Aye and Village President George Peterson - Aye. Aye: 6, Ney: 0. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

11. Administrator of Public Works Report - None

12. Committee Reports -
- Trustee Craig McEwen stated they will be scheduling an Aquatic Center Commission meeting on Sunday March 16, 2014. He gave an update on the status of the hiring process at the pool for the 2014 summer.

13. President's Report: Village President George Peterson gave an update on his activities, meetings and Village business.

14. Old Business/New Business: None

15. Adjourn: Motion by Paulson/McEwen to adjourn. Questioned and carried 6:0. The meeting adjourned at 8:02PM.


Debbie Espeland
Clerk/ Treasurer

The entire proceedings are on audio file in the Clerk's Office.

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