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President George Peterson called the meeting to order at 12:00 PM. Members present: Arlene Paulson, Mutch Owen, Dan Mortensen, Don Bartz, Craig McEwen and Village President George Peterson. Jim Keleske was excused. Quorum present. Also present Clerk/ Treasurer Debbie Espeland and the Administrator of Public Works Tim Vergara.


Fire Chief Marc Hill presented a plan for short and medium term strategic planning for the Fire Department. He covered growth in the Village such as new industries and new challenges, future land use, business expectations, community expectations, current challenges, staff expectations, officer expectations, technical rescue

requirements and a future vision for the department.

There was discussion on the possibility of consolidating or contracting with the City of Schofield. It was decided before they continue moving forward in planning they would contact Schofield.

Motioned by Bartz/McEwen to talk with the City of Schofield on a possible partnership before moving forward in the future planning of the Fire Department. Roll Call Vote: Dan Mortensen - Aye; Arlene Paulson - Aye; Mutch Owen - Aye; Don Bartz - Aye; Craig McEwen - Aye; and Village President George Peterson - Aye. Aye: 6, Ney: 0. Motion carried by unanimous vote.


Representatives from WPS discussed their request for a Gas Pipeline Easement at

Pavilion Park.

The WPS gas main is currently attached to the underside of the existing bridge over

the WI River. The DOT is redecking the existing bridge and adding another lane to the westbound lane. The existing pipe needs to be removed for the redecking work and the DOT said that reattaching to the new bridge will not be an option.

WPS is requesting a Gas Pipeline Easement to install 3000' of 8" steel pipeline, 2700' of this is to be bored under the Wisconsin River. The designated work zone will be Park Street, near Grand Ave, East of the Pavilion; a portion of the Swimming Pool parking lot, along the east side. The work will be done from Mid-March to Mid-May of 2014.

There could be some impact on traffic. Possibly the entrance to the Pavilion from Grand Ave. may need to be closed due to the size of the trucks and bore rig needed to complete the bore. The Pavilion will still be accessible from the north on Park Street.

The Administrator of Public Works Tim Vergara said the Village attorney has reviewed the agreement and is fine with it.

Motioned by Mortensen/Paulson to approve the Village of Rothschild River Crossing Gas Pipeline Easement Agreement with WPS as presented subject to all the approvals needed and Bonds, signatures from the Village President and the Administrator of Public Works are required. Roll Call Vote: Craig McEwen - Aye; Arlene Paulson - Aye; Mutch Owen - Aye; Don Bartz - Aye; Dan Mortensen -Aye and Village President George Peterson - Aye. Aye: 6, Ney: 0. Motion carried by unanimous Vote.

4. Motioned to adjourn Owen/McEwen at 1:11 pm. Questioned and carried 6:0.

Debbie Espeland


The entire proceedings are on audio file in the Clerk's office.

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