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1. Roll Call: Chairman George Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:09 PM.

Members Present: Dan Mortensen, Craig McEwen, Arlene Paulson, Mutch Owen, Don Bartz and Village President George Peterson. Jim Keleske was excused. Quorum Present. Also present: Clerk/Treasurer Debbie Espeland and the Administrator of Public Works Tim Vergara.

2. The "Pledge of Allegiance" was recited.

3. Minutes:

Motion by McEwen/Paulson to approve the Meeting Minutes of March 10, 2014. Questioned and carried 6:0.

4. Requests and Statements from the Audience:


5. Clerk's Report:
Licenses and Permits
- Motion by Owen/McEwen to grant the licenses and permits. Questioned and carried 6:0.

6. Don Kissinger of the Wisconsin DNR

Mr. Kissinger gave a short presentation for the Tree City USA Award for 2013.

7. Steve Fritz Cycle Ride Donation Request

Mark Tautges representing Wild Instincts an organization to receive any donations received through the Steve Fritz Cycle Ride, gave a presentation on the mission of the organization and how the donated funds are used.

Wild Instincts is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping injured and orphaned wildlife with the goal of returning them back to the wild. They helped 56 animals in Marathon County last year. They operate solely on memberships and donations and ask that the Village donate to the Cycle Ride to help them continue their work.

Motioned by Paulson/Owen to donate $500.00 to the Steve Fritz Cycle Ride, funds are to be taken from Room Tax dollars. Questioned and carried 6:0.

8. Police Report

Police Chief Jeremy Hunt reviewed a Calls for Service Summary Report for 2-21-2014 thru 3-21-2014.

Jeremy also presented a draft of a Prostitution Ordinance that the Police Department is currently working jointly with the Wausau Police Department and the Everest Metro Police Department which will prohibit people from soliciting prostitution and/or post ads for any type of escort services. It is hoped the Ordinance will be in place by July 2014.

9. EMS/Fire Report -Fire Chief Marc Hill gave an update on the activities of the department.

Since our last Village Meeting on March 10th:

Run Volume is accurate from March 6th through March 20th

17 EMS runs, YTD: 106 4 Paramedic Intercepts, YTD: 16

4 Fire/Rescue runs, YTD: 20

Total runs to date 126 calls for service since January 1st.

Our staff has been busy updating our Fire Inspections and Preplan program. I am working on finding a software solution that will enable us to better keep track of changes in occupancy and structure type as well as having the Preplan information available and ready to be used in case of a fire-rescue incident.

We had fire training at the 8505 S Grand Ave. house this past week. We did fire attack evolutions incorporating the incident command system, accountability, and rescue operations with a staged victim in the house. Work is also continuing on updating our training program and expectation process.

Tom Mahar has worked with Weston Health Club to get a great price on a gym membership for our staff. This enables the current membership to use the facility to keep themselves in physical condition for the rigors of the work they are called upon to do.

I have also worked out an agreement with Aspirus Occupational Health to do our annual physical and pulmonary examinations. The attached documents, from Aspirus, shows what the pricing will be and what it will entail. As a department we are required under SPSS 330.15 for Physical determinations and SPSS 330.12 and SPSS 332. The total cost will be $5,230.00 for the entire department membership. Because of the total cost I will need Board approval to move forward with this at Monday's Meeting.

We have been having issues with our garage openers and I am working with American Door to get an estimate and replacements.

Safety First was in to service our main cascade air system for filling SCBA bottles and is now operational; however the tanks were past their hydro testing date and needed to be taken to qualify them to be used. Safety First also serviced our TNT Rescue Extrication Tools while they were here since this had not been done since they were bought in 2009.

I again want to thank you for your time on Tuesday to speak about our department and its future. I will gladly answer any questions you may have or stop by the department to see what some of the challenges we are facing include. I know that you all want what is best for our residents and our community, as well as I, and finding the path to forge ahead to establish this department as the finest in the area is a journey that will have its pitfalls and its promises, but I look forward to taking those steps with you.

Respectfully submitted by Chief of Fire & EMS, Marc Hill

10. Arbor Day Proclamation

The Arbor Day Proclamation is a necessary step in the process for the Village to sustain the Tree City USA Status. Tim Vergara the Administrator of Public Works recommended the Village approve the Tree City Proclamation proclaiming April 25, 2014 as Arbor Day in the Village.

Motioned by Owen/Paulson to approve the Arbor Day Proclamation proclaiming

April 25, 2014 as Arbor Day in the Village. Questioned and carried 6:0.

11. Treasurers Report - Motioned by Mortensen/Bartz to approve the February 2014 Treasurers report. Questioned and carried. 6:0.

12. Payment of the Vouchers - Motioned by Mortensen/Owen to approve payment of the vouchers. Questioned and carried 6:0.

13. Skid Steer Purchase


The Administrator of Public Works Tim Vergara requested approval to purchase a Skid Steer for the Department of Public Works instead of a Wing for the Loader as budgeted for. He said the need for the Skid Steer is more immediate than a Wing for the Loader this year.

Motioned by Mortensen/Bartz to approve the purchase of a Skid Steer for the Department of Public Works this year instead of a Wing for the Loader. The purchase is not to exceed $22,000.00. Roll Call Vote: Craig McEwen - Aye; Mutch Owen - Aye; Arlene Paulson - Aye; Don Bartz - Aye; Dan Mortensen - Aye; and Village President George Peterson - Aye.

Aye: 6, Ney: 0. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

14. Administrator of Public Works Report -

An update was given regarding the Rib Mountain Sanitary Districts letter stating that they will be working with the Municipalities in setting up a "credit" program that takes into account a 5 month average due to the abnormal winter and the Water Run Order.

Tim informed the Board he will be advertising for the Truck Driver/Labor position,

the Operator I and Seasonal Help positions.

Tim also stated he has completed the MS4 Annual Stormwater report; he invited the Board to review it and ask any questions they may have.

15. Committee Reports -

- There will be a Closed Session Special Board Meeting scheduled for the Department of Public Works on April 7, 2014 at 6:30pm. There will also be a Special Board Meeting scheduled on April 7, 2014 at 7:30pm for the Seven Year Capital Improvement Plan.

- Trustee Craig McEwen gave an update on the status of the hiring process at the pool for the 2014 summer.

16. President's Report: Village President George Peterson gave an update on his activities, meetings and Village business.

17. Old Business/New Business: None

18. Adjourn: Motion by Paulson/McEwen to adjourn. Questioned and carried 6:0. The meeting adjourned at 8:21PM.


Debbie Espeland

Clerk/ Treasurer

The entire proceedings are on audio file in the Clerk's Office.

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