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Roll Call: Chairman George Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Members Present: Bill Schremp, Arlene Paulson, Craig McEwen, Don Bartz, Dan Mortensen and Village President George Peterson. Mutch Owen was excused. Quorum Present. Also present: Clerk/Treasurer Debbie Espeland and the Administrator of Public Works Tim Vergara.

The “Pledge of Allegiance” was recited.


Motion by Mortensen/Paulson to approve the Meeting Minutes of April 14, 2014. Questioned and carried 6:0.

Requests and Statements from the Audience:

Village resident Ben Breitbach addressed his concern about the use of the Village parking lot to circulate political documentation or petitioning. He was upset about a gentleman using the Village parking lot to petition a recall last year. Trustee Bill Schremp requested the clerk see how other municipalities handle petitioning.

Clerk’s Report:
Licenses and Permits
- Motion by McEwen/Schremp to grant the licenses and permits. Questioned and carried 6:0.

6. Codification Update - Village Attorney Peter Conrad gave an update on the codification process. He stated that he is about 80% done with updating the Village Code; it would be about another 2 months before he would be finished and able to present a final General Code of Ordinances.

Police Report

Police Chief Jeremy Hunt gave an update on the activities of the Police Department.

- Police Chief Jeremy Hunt and Officer Jeff Zwicky acknowledged BRB and Perfect Upholstery for their donation of time and materials in the completion of the D.A.R.E vehicle. Pictures of the vehicle were donated by Junion Photography and given to BRB and Perfect Upholstery for all their hard work. The Village also received pictures of the vehicle.

- Officer Jeff Zwicky shared his intend to sustain the DARE Program as it was when it was previously ran by former Police Officer Craig McEwen and former Police Chief Bill Schremp. He acknowledged he will ask the Village to donate funds toward the program at budget.

- Jeremy announced that Officer Nathan Zuelke was awarded the Officer of the Year Award.

- The Police Department received a $6000.00 grant from the State of Wisconsin for seatbelt enforcement.

- The batteries for the Weston Ave Weather Siren had to be replaced.

- The department is still in the hiring process. Candidates will be meeting with the Police and Fire Commission for interviews in early May, 2014.

- There was a pick up at the Drug Drop off Site on 4-28-2014 of unwanted drugs.

- The donated copier from EO Johnson Business Technologies has been dropped off.

Marc Hill – Seminar – Building Inspector

It was decided not to send Fire Chief Marc Hill to the upcoming Seminar for Building Inspectors to learn of the certifications required to do the Village Building Inspections in house. Currently the Village is out sourcing the service. It was felt Marc is going to be too busy with the Fire/EMS Department and will not have the time to do Village Building Inspections.

Motioned by Bartz/Schremp not to send Village Fire Chief Marc Hill to the upcoming Building Inspector Seminar. Questioned and Carried 6:0.

Terri Baker EMS Letter

A letter addressed to the Village Board from Ms. Baker requesting financial relief from EMS/Fire service provided to her was tabled at the April 14, 2014 meeting until further information could be obtained from the Fire Chief at the April 28, 2014 meeting.

Fire Chief Marc Hill explained Ms. Baker did make a call and they responded to it. There was not any conversation regarding payment with the staff. The Department staff does not engage in financial conversations with the patient. Therefore, Marc recommended Ms. Baker set up a payment plan with the Village.

Motioned by Mortensen/Bartz not to relieve Ms. Baker of her financial obligation to the Village for the EMS/Fire service they provided. The Village will accommodate Terri Baker with a payment plan. Questioned and carried 6:0.

EMS/Fire Report –Fire Chief Marc Hill gave an update on the activities of the department.

Since our last Village Meeting on April 14th:

Run Volume is accurate from April 14th through April 25th

23 EMS runs, YTD: 151 5 Paramedic Intercepts, YTD: 23

3 Fire/Rescue runs, YTD: 31

Total runs to date 177 calls for service since January 1st.


Our members have started to make their appointments over at Aspirus for their Health Assessments and Physical Agility Exams. All should be done by the end of May.

American Door was over to fix our garage door issues. More issues were brought to light being the electrical hookups to the garage openers are not in the correct place and would need an electrician in to fix those issues first before they can come in to replace the door openers.

We have also started to look at ways to enable our Engine 1 or Engine 2 to take over most of the extrication equipment. Established procedures require a hose line to be enabled while using cutting equipment, our current vehicle use has all extrication equipment on our 96 Rescue 1, which only seats 2 and has no hose capabilities, this requires the Rescue and an Engine to leave the station for all motor vehicle incidents. The current process is uneconomical and inefficient.

Our Quality Analysis (QA) from Saint Clare’s for EMS runs has come back and has noted a number of areas of improvement. The highest priority is the use of CPAP and 12 lead EKGs. In an effort to better serve our citizens and to streamline the process I have bought new CPAP machines and transmitters for our Lifepac Defibrillators. The new CPAP machines are extremely easy to use and no not require an assortment of parts to enable to be used. The old machines were complicated and intimidating to put together. This will help in our use of CPAP and CPAP monitoring. The transmitters will enable us to transmit a 12 lead EKG to a hospital and have real-time contact with a Doctor; we did not have this ability to do this earlier. This is very important when it comes to time with Cardiac patients.

As always I thank you for your support of the department and in the continued efforts that I have undertaken to keep us moving progressively for the entire Village.

Respectfully submitted by Chief of Fire & EMS, Marc Hill

Treasurers Report – Motioned by Mortensen/McEwen to approve the March 2014 Treasurers report. Questioned and carried. 6:0.

Payment of the Vouchers – Motioned by Paulson/Mortensen to approve payment of the vouchers. Questioned and carried 6:0.

New Tower Agreement First Amendment – Circular Wireless PCS, LLC

At the December 18, 2013 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting and Board meeting an AT&T Generator Installation Site Plan was approved at the area below Brown Boulevard Water Tower.

There is a need for more space at the area below Brown Boulevard Water Tower for the generator. Therefore, amendment #1 was presented.

The Administrator of Public Works reviewed a 1st Amendment to the leased space at the Brown Boulevard Water Tower between the Village of Rothschild and New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC.

The Amendment would increase the area of the Premises to accommodate for the generator.

Commencing the first day of the month following installation of the generator within the new premises area , rent shall increase by $100.00 per month with 4% increases set forth in the agreement.

Motioned by Mortensen/McEwen to approve the 1st Amendment to the leased space at the Brown Boulevard Water Tower between the Village and New Cingular Wireless, PCS, LLC. Questioned and carried 6:0.

Operator I and Truck Driver/ Laborer Hire

The Administrator of Public Works Tim Vergara requested the approval to hire Bobby Smith to fill the Operator I Position and Eric Wierchke to fill the Truck Driver/Labor position. There were discussions on qualifications of candidates. Trustee Bill Schremp felt there should be reference checks on the candidates prior offering them the positions. Tim stated that Lead Man Ray deLong and himself felt these two candidates were the best fit for the Village and background checks would be done.

Motioned by McEwen/Mortensen to approve hiring Bobby Smith for the Operator I position and Eric Wierchke for the Truck Driver/Laborer position. Offers of employment will be subject to reference checks. Questioned and carried 6:0.

Summer Help Hire

Tim Vergara the Administrator of Public Works stated there is a lack of candidates to fill the summer help positions. Tim said he would continue to search for qualified candidates and asked for approval to hire two.

Motioned by Mortensen/Schremp to approve the hire of two candidates for the summer help positions. Questioned and carried 6:0.

Administrator of Public Works Report

Tim gave an update on the Department of Public Works

- The Compost Site opened April 26, 2014 but will not be open until May 7, 2014 for an evening shift.

- The park shelters are in the process of being opened for the season.

Committee Reports

- Trustee Craig McEwen gave an update on the status of the hiring process at the pool for the 2014 summer. He stated they are short 10 life guards. Also, they will be requiring the front desk and the concession stand employees to take basic 1st aid training.

President’s Report : Village President George Peterson gave an update on his activities, meetings and Village business.

Old Business/New Business : None

Adjourn : Motion by McEwen/Bartz to adjourn. Questioned and carried 6:0. The meeting adjourned at 8:23PM.

Debbie Espeland

Clerk/ Treasurer

The entire proceedings are on audio file in the Clerk’s Office.

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