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1-29-14 Supplement To Minutes

1. Roll Call: Chairman George Peterson called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM.

Members Present: Mike Carson, Pat Mc Carthy, Dan Mortensen, Mutch Owen, Terry Traska, and Village President George Peterson. James Keleske was excused. Quorum present. Also present: Administrator of Public Works Timothy Vergara and Deputy Clerk Deb Ehster.

2. Minutes: Motion by Carson/McCarthy to approve the minutes of the December 18, 2013 Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings. Questioned and carried 6:0.

3. SJM Builders, Inc. - Cedar Place Subdivision Developer's Agreement: SJM Builders, Inc. submitted a Development Agreement for the Cedar Place Subdivision. Mark Thompson of Marathon Technical Service and the Developer Steve Mroczenski were present. Tim Vergara made some modifications to the agreement which were discussed and are as follows:

1. Page 6, Sidewalks. It was proposed by the developer that sidewalk be placed only on the south side of the roadway and around the cul-de-sac. Mr. Vergara remains a firm believer that we should be placing sidewalk, or pedestrian ways, at all new and reconstruction sites at a five ft width. However, SJM may be willing to provide sidewalk all the way around if the width is reduced from 5 ft to 4 ft.

The Commission agreed a four foot sidewalk would be acceptable since that is the existing size on Fawn and Fantail Avenues.

2. Page 8, Electric, Communications and Gas Facilities. The entire length of the roadway is approximately 1,300 LF. Initially the developer proposed 2 lights. However, for safety reasons, there should be 3 lights placed.

Only two lights will be needed if there is an existing street light at the intersection at Alderson Street. One light would be placed midway to the cul-de-sac and another at the end of the cul-de-sac. The Commission agreed the street lights should be decorative posts that are of non-wood material and dark sky friendly.

3. Page 9, Street Paving. I have spoke with the developer and modified the completion language to reflect the following:
•i) Completion of the first lift of asphalt, c/g, and sidewalk by July 31, 2014, and
•ii) Completion of the final lift of asphalt by October 1, 2014.

The Commission agreed to the completion dates.

4. Page 10, Park Fees. The developer owes $15,750.00 in parkland fees.

An error was made in the initial calculation. The total amount due from the developer for parkland fees is $6,124.00.

5. Page 10, Security, Guarantee and Indemnification. The amount of security needed is at 110% is $267,300.00 at the time of the development agreement execution.

This is the amount of the bond required for this development agreement. It was noted that this bond does not include the amount required for the water and sewer utilities with the Village of Weston which is on the Village of Weston's agenda for next Monday.

6. Ascertain that ALL drive openings are to be placed at the time of the curb and gutter construction.

Mr. Mroczenski explained his process for determining if a drive opening is placed to the left or right of the house and the Commission agreed this should not be an issue.

Motion by Mortensen/McCarthy to approve the SJM Builders, Inc. Cedar Place Subdivision Develop Agreement as submitted with further explanation of items 1 - 6 in the attached January 24, 2014 Memo to the Planning and Zoning Commission from Administrator of Public Works Tim Vergara with the modification to the agreement that allows four foot sidewalks and the parkland fee paid by the Developer be changed to $6,124.00. Questioned and carried 6:0.

4. Cedar Creek Re-Zone Study Contract Amendment: The Village signed a contract with MSA in the amount of $2,750 that was funded from the 2013 budget. MSA approached the Village with an error MSA made in the estimating of time needed for the Cedar Creek Re-Zone Study and requested the Village pay an additional $1,250 to complete this project. Tim Vergara suggested this money would be taken from the Zoning- Professional Services line item of the 2014 budget.

Motion by Carson/Mortensen to approve the request by MSA for an additional $1,250 for the Cedar Creek Re-Zone Study Contract. Questioned and carried 6:0.

5. Adjourn: Motion by McCarthy/Owen. Questioned and carried 6:0. The meeting adjourned a 6:23 PM.

Deb Ehster
Deputy Clerk

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