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1. Roll Call: President George Peterson called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

2. Members Present: Mike Carson, Pat Mc Carthy, Dan Mortensen, Mutch Owen, Bill Schremp, Terry Traska, and Village President George Peterson. Quorum present. Also present: Administrator of Public Works Timothy Vergara and Deputy Clerk Deb Ehster.

3. Minutes : Motion by McCarthy/Traska to approve the minutes of the May 15, 2014 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting. Questioned and carried 7:0.

Public Hearing – Motion by Mortensen/Owen to open the public hearing at 6:03 PM. Questioned and carried 7:0.

The Village’s intent to revise the floodway, located within the Village limits and within the Wisconsin River Flood Study Area, generally bounded from south of the Kort Street Boat Landing, east of the centerline of Lake Wausau, west of Grand Ave., and north of the Rothschild Dam south of State Highway 29. As a result of the floodway revision, the floodway may widen or narrow depending on its location within the study area was discussed. No comments from the public were made. The only attendees in the audience were for latter topics on the agenda.

Motion by Mc Carthy/Carson to close the public hearing at 6:18 PM. Questioned and carried 7:0.

4. Discussion with possible action for recommendation to the Village Board to revise the floodway, as a result of the revision the floodway may widen or narrow depending on its location within the study area. In addition the mapping for the 1% annual chance floodplain may reflect widening or narrowing within the area of revision.

The remodel would influence Village parcels in a small area from the Rothschild Dam to the Kort Street boat landing. It would have a positive impact as it removes a large area of the Domtar land from the floodplain.

Motion by Mortensen/Traska to approve and forward to the Village Board for consideration Resolution 2014-6: >2013 Department of Natural Resources Wisconsin River- Lake Wausau Flood Study and authorize the application to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for letter of Map Revision. >Questioned and carried 7:0. >

5. LignoTech Exterior Building Architectural Review Standards – Revision

The Planning and Zoning Commission previously approved the LignoTech site plan to include a full front face façade of non-metal material. LignoTech objected to this requirement as the additional cost to the project is substantial and the building would have to be redesigned. Senior Architect David E. Delfosse of Boldt Technical Services proposed to exceed the minimum standard of 4,080 total square feet of non-metal wall aggregate and use an exterior textured surface metal panel that will have a special finish applied so it has the appearance of finished precast concrete which would total 4,400 square feet. In addition, there will be a three color scheme split faced block utilized in the design.

Motion by McCarthy/Carson to approve the revisions to the LignoTech site plan as it relates to the exterior of the building to include 4,400 total square feet of three color schemed textured surface metal panel finished to have the appearance of precast concrete using the following: split face CMU- natural gray, smooth face CMU- white, split face CMU- charcoal, and insulated metal panel- light gray (Tuff Cote finish). Questioned and carried 7:0.

6. Adjourn : Motion by Owen/Carson. Questioned and carried 7:0. The meeting adjourned a 6:28 PM.

Deb Ehster

Deputy Clerk

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