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1.Roll Call: President George Peterson called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

2.Members Present:Mike Carson, Pat Mc Carthy, Dan Mortensen, Mutch Owen, Bill Schremp, Terry Traska, and Village President George Peterson.Quorum present.Also present:Administrator of Public Works Timothy Vergara and Deputy Clerk Deb Ehster.

3.Minutes:Motion by Carson/McCarthy to approve the minutes of the February 19, 2014 and April 14, 2014 Planning &Zoning Commission Meetings.Questioned and carried 7:0.

4.CSM:Cedar Creek Mall Parcel:An application for the parcel at 1730 CTH XX was submitted by Stoney Rivers, LLC in which the parcel would be split into two lots and both lots would retain the same owner.Ned Brickman of Midland Management, LLC stated in an e-mail the sole reason for separating the two parcels is to maximize the financing of the acquisition of the Cedar Creek Mall.Motion by Mortensen/McCarthy to approve the CSM parcel split of (10101 Market Street) creating Lot 1 and Lot 2 with Notes 1 – 4 on the proposed CSM to remain in place when filed with Marathon County.Notes 1 – 4 read as follows:1. FIELD SURVEY WAS COMPLETED ON 04-14-2014.2. BEARINGS ARE BASED ON THE MARATHON COUNTY COORDINATE SYSTEM NAD 83(2011) DATUM AND REFERENCED TO THE EAST LINE OF THE SOUTHEAST ¼ OF SECTION 35, TOWNSHIP 28 NORTH, RANGE 7 EAST MEASURED TO BEAR SOUTH 00°23’06” EAST.3. LOTS 1 AND 2 ARE INTENDED TO REMAIN IN COMMON OWNERSHIP.IF THE INTEREST IN LOTS 1 & 2 ARE NO LONGER IN COMMON OWNERSHIP A FIREWALL MEETING RECOGNIZED BUILDING CODE STANDARDS MAY NEED TO BE CONSTRUCTED.REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF THE CHANGE THIS CONDITION BY THE VILLAGE OF ROTHSCHILD IS REQUIRED.4. LOT 1 AND 2 WILL BE SUBJECT TO A CROSS-USE AGREEMENT BY SEPARATE DOCUMENT PREPARED BY OTHERS.Questioned and carried 7:0.

5.Coral Lanes Partial Site Plan:An application for the parcel at 1025 E. Grand Avenue was submitted by Cywinski Properties in which an outside sitting area would be created.Motion by Mortensen/Carson to approve the partial site plan to allow the creation of a patio on the southeast side of Coral Lanes as submitted.Questioned and carried 7:0.

6.Ligno Tech Site Plan:An application for the parcel at 100 Grand Avenue was submitted to construct a 9,000 square foot building.Motion by Carson/Schremp to approve the Ligno Tech Site Plan as submitted with the requirement of a minimum facade of 50% masonry on the north, south, and east walls.The drainage/erosion control, lighting, and landscaping plan will be subject to approval by the Administrator of Public Works.Questioned and carried 7:0.

7.Kafka Site Plan:An application was submitted by Creske Corporation to allow Kafka Biomass, LLC to utilize a portion of the 8.35 acre industrial site located at 1706 Morrison Avenue for stockpile and storage of woody biomass for We Energies.Approximately six acres of the available space will be utilized for storage and operations with the remaining acreage left unimproved.The storage and access aisle space will consist of a gravel surface and slope to the north to manage runoff.Stockpiled biomass material will be confined to a 250; long, 100’ wide, with a maximum height of 25’.Stockpiles will be rotated at least once every four months.Motion by McCarthy/Owen to approve the Kafka Site Plan as submitted subject to addressing conditions for odor control should such a problem arise and hours of operator be restricted to the same hours of operation as allowed for the truck traffic at We Energies which is 6 AM to 6 PM on a general basis.Questioned and carried 7:0.

8.Adjourn:Motion by McCarthy/Owen. Questioned and carried 7:0.The meeting adjourned a 6:55PM.

Deb Ehster

Deputy Clerk

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