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Roll Call: Commission Member Dan Mortensen called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Members Present:Mike Carson, Pat Mc Carthy, Dan Mortensen, Mutch Owen, and Terry Traska.James Keleske and George Peterson were excused.Quorum present.Also present:Administrator of Public Works Timothy Vergara and Deputy Clerk Deb Ehster.

Vonnie LLC (L&S) Certified Survey Map (CSM) at 1730 CTH XX:Vonnie LLC has submitted a CSM in which they propose to combine lots 1 and 2.Motion by Carson/Owen to approve the Vonnie LLC (L&S Electric) CSM combining 1740 CTH XX with 1730 CTH XX that creates a single lot to remain addressed as 1730 CTH XX.Questioned and carried 5:0.

Vonnie LLC Site Plan:1730 CTH XX:Two additions are proposed for the L&S building at 1730 CTH XX.Motion by McCarthy/Carson to approve the Vonnie LLC Site Plan as submitted with the requirement of a five foot brick façade on the three exposed sides of the additions.Questioned and carried 5:0.

Adjourn:Motion by Carson/Traska. Questioned and carried 5:0.The meeting adjourned a 6:44PM.

Deb Ehster

Deputy Clerk

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