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  • Property Maintenance Inspector

  • Part-Time Property Maintenance Inspector – Village of Rothschild, WI (pop. 5280) seeks a position to oversee a residential and commercial inspection program for adherence to the property maintenance standards of the Village and its ordinances.  The work is performed under the direction of the Administrator of Public Works.  
  • Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  Responsible for maintaining the Village’s property maintenance, sidewalk, and weed commissioner duties. Receive, record, and investigate complaints from the public and staff regarding violations of municipal codes, ordinances, standards, and health and safety regulations; document violations by securing photographs and other pertinent data; research ownership records, prepare notices to process complaints; review municipal codes and ordinances to establish whether a violation has occurred.  The employee works independently answering questions or complaints from the general public as it relates to property maintenance.  At times the position works directly with the Rothschild Police Department. Responsible for excellent record keeping for property maintenance violations.

  • Knowledge & Skills: Ability to work in a team environment, office computer literate, provide outstanding citizen service, communicate both orally and in writing.  Ability to apply functional reasoning, to exercise the judgment, decisiveness and creativity required in situations involving the general public. The ability to testify in court. Ability to calmly and effectively deal with difficult people and challenging situations.  Hours and Compensation: The position work average is 10 hour/week and rate of $14.35/hour.  The Village can be flexible with the days of work as requested by the applicant. 

  • Qualifications: possess a valid State of WI motor vehicle operator’s license.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  Background check and drug screening may be conducted.   If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit a completed application to the Village Clerk, attn: Property Maintenance Position,  211 Grand Avenue, Rothschild, WI 54474


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