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Update: Seasonal Weight/Road Limits Restrictions LIFTED

RE: Seasonal Weight/Road Limits Restrictions

Weight limits on all roads under the jurisdiction of the Village of Rothschild will be seasonally
limited and effective as signs are placed on March 8, 2021 starting at 8 a.m. These
restrictions shall remain in effect until weather conditions permit their removal.

EXEMPT roadways are as follows:
• Eagle Nest Boulevard from BUS HWY 51 to CTH XX.
• BUS HWY 51/South Grand Avenue/Grand Avenue/ East Grand Avenue from the
southern to northern municipal boundary lines (WISDOT Jurisdiction).
• CTH XX from BUS HWY 51 to CTH X (Marathon County Jurisdiction)
• Military Road from BUS HWY 51 west to the Siemens Entrances.
• Morrison Avenue.
• West Grand Avenue from Kort Street to BUS 51.
• Trailwood Lane from CTH XX to the southern Termini.

SINGLE AXLE: SIX (6) TONS For a single-axle vehicle, you are allowed six tons for the front
steer axle and six tons for the rear drive axle—a grand total of 12 tons, or 24,000 pounds.

TANDEM AXLE: TEN (10) TONS. For a tandem axle vehicle, you are allowed six tons for the
front steer axle and ten tons total for the rear tandem drive axles—a grand total of 16 tons, or
32,000 pounds.

GROSS: TWENTY-FOUR (24) TONS. The 24-ton axle weight limit is for vehicles with more
than a tandem axle rear drive and one pusher or tag axle. These are typically described as
quad-axle vehicles, or, for combination vehicles, semi tractor-trailers. The maximum gross
weight of any vehicle falling into these categories is 24 tons, or 48,000 pounds.

STATE STATUTE 348.01 (2) (C) – DEFINITION OF TANDEM AXLE “‘Tandem axle’ means
any 2 or more consecutive axles whose centers are 42 or more inches apart and which are
individually attached to or articulated from, or both, a common attachment to the vehicle
including a connecting mechanism designed to equalize the load between axles.”

Timothy D. Vergara
Timothy D. Vergara, PE
Administrator of Public Works