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Future Land Use Map 7


The Village of Rothschild has recently adopted an amendment to its Comprehensive Plan. Wisconsin's Comprehensive Planning Legislation (Sec. 66.1001 State Stats.) requires that each of the following be informed:
Future Land Use Map Adopted 04.25.2022

• Every governmental body located in whole or in part within the Community;

• The clerk of every local governmental unit that is adjacent to the Community;

• The Wisconsin Department of Administration;

• The local regional planning commission;

• The local public library that serves the Community.

• In addition, any owner/operator with possible interest in non-metallic mineral resources in the area.

View the Pavilion Marketplace Redevelopment Plan here.

View the signed resolution here.

Comments should be directed to the Village Administrator, Ryan VanDeWalle, at 211 Grand Avenue, Rothschild, WI 54474.