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Garbage and Recycling

no-bagging_cropPlastic bags in curbside recycling: a problem for communities

If you have carted curbside recycling collection, do you put your recyclables in a plastic bag? That is a significant problem for the vast majority of WI recycling processing facilities. According to a DNR survey just released in April to all WI MRFs, plastic bags and film are the number one contaminant for MRFs. But what is the cost? The City of Milwaukee indicates an expense of $400,000 per year in their recycling management contract. Other private sector estimates have also put the figure in the hundreds of thousands per year. Best management practice: place your recyclable materials loose in your curbside cart and return plastic bags and film to designated retail drop-off locations.

Spread the e-cycling word: watch and share E-Cycle Wisconsin videos

The DNR is running an E-Cycle Wisconsin ad campaign to promote electronics recycling during and after the holidays. Watch and share our 15- and 30-second videos to help spread the word!

 ***ATTENTION NEW RELEASE 2/14/2018***

Have Your Carts Out!

Residents are reminded to have their garbage cart and recycling bins out for collection the night before their scheduled pick-up day, or by 6:00 AM on their scheduled pick-up day. Collection starts at 6:00 AM.

Large Items

If a homeowner has large items like couches or refrigerators, they will need to call Waste Management (WM) directly and pay a fee for the extra collection.  WM's staff will take the information about items to be collected, accept payment for the collection and send authorization stickers to be adhered to the items for collection on the scheduled large item collection day. Please note: WM generally picks up large items every 4th Friday of the month.

Contact WM at 1-888-960-0008 if you have recycling questions, need to schedule a large item pick-up, have extra trash, need to rent an additional cart, or your garbage collection was missed.

WM's office hours are 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Batteries & Electronics Recycling

The Marathon County Solid Waste Department participates in the Call2Recycle Program in which residents may drop off batteries at no charge. The program is paid for by battery manufacturers and is a great way to help save the environment. More information about his program can be found at:

Marthon County Solid Waste Department Electronics Recycling Guide can assist residents in learning about items that have been banned from landfills and the Locations for Electroncs Recycling brochure offers locations throught Marathon, Taylor, and Wood Counties where residents may drop off their electronics. Another informative website is through the WI Department of Natural Resources website. which provides a list of E-Cycle Wisconsin registered collection sites.
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2022 Household Battery Recyling Brochure_Page_2
Rothschild Ecycling 2022
Goodwill Car Donation

Goodwill accepts tax-deductible vehicle donations to positively impact the community and make car removal much easier.
Recycle Eyeglasses

The Schofield Lion's Club accepts donations of old/used eyeglasses to benefit those in need. Eyeglasses can be dropped off at the Clerk's Office at the Rothschild Village Hall.
Medication Drop Box

The Rothschild Police Department has implemented a Medication Drop Box in conjunction with Everest Metro & Wausau Police Departments. Visit the Rothschild Police Department's website for details.
Worn Flag Disposal

American Legion Post 492 maintains a flag depository located in the vestibule at the Rothschild Village Hall.
Compost Site Hours of Operation & Guidelines

Location: 1001 Leon Street Rothschild, WI 54474

Compost Site -  Open 24/7 - (Closed Winter)

Residents should use the St. Mark's Street entrance.

Rules regarding the Compost Site:
  • Compost Site open to Rothschild residents only
  • Yard waste and brush only
  • No logs or stumps
  • No treated or painted wood
  • No pallets or construction material
  • No other waste material
Mercury Thermometer Exchange

The Marathon County Mercury Reduction Program is still in operation . County residents may continue to exchange mercury fever thermometers for a digital thermometer, at no cost ,at designated exchange sites. There is a limit of one (1) thermometer per customer while supplies last. Mercury thermometers have a silver line down the center. Red or blue lines indicate "safe" alcohol thermometers. 

Residential Garbage & Recycling
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WM will collect garbage from one and two family dwellings every week and recycling every other week. Collection that falls on a holiday postpones refuse & recycling pick up to the next business day. Residents should place their recyclables cart alongside their garbage cart three feet apart. Recyclables may NOT be placed in plastic bags. The driver will check the recyclables and manually tip them into the truck.

Recyclables collected by WM can be comingled. For example: items such as newspapers, brown paper grocery bags, magazines, telephone books, junk mail, glass containers (clear, green, brown), aluminum cans, tin cans, and plastic bottles marked #1, #2, and #5 can all be placed together loose in the recycling cart. The Marathon County Solid Waste Department offers a collection site for other recyclable items such as deli containers, ice cream pails, 5-gallon pails, and flower pots & trays. Be aware that there are certain items that are banned from landfills - Wisconsin recycles.

All garbage must be in a WM or IROW labeled cart or it will not be picked up.  Every 4th Friday of the month WM has a large item pick-up. Residents MUST make arrangements with WM.  Please contact WM direct with any problems related to the collection of your garbage and recycling.  Office hours are 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.


Visit the DNR webpage for additional information: