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Lead Service Line (LSL) Identification

Village of Rothschild Lead Service Line SurveyLead Service Line Replacement Information for 2024 is to inform property owners of the potential existence of a lead water service lines at your property and the pending requirements to replace lead water service lines.  Lead water service lines and some older home plumbing are potential sources of lead in drinking water. Galvanized steel piping (in the home and/or the service lateral) can also be a significant source of lead.  Lead is harmful to human health, particularly the health of small children. For this reason, the Village of Rothschild uses corrosion control treatment at the Water Plant to minimize the potential for lead in the Village’s drinking water. The Village owns and is responsible for maintaining the water service line in the street right-of-way to the curb stop (the first valve) off the water main. This is usually found off the paved area  For a vast majority of residential properties, the curb stop is typically located in the terrace/boulevard area, or in or near the sidewalk adjacent to the street. The water service line from inside your building to the curb stop is owned and maintained by the property owner.

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To determine if your water service line is lead, you may contact a certified plumber or the Village’s Water Utility at 715-359-5637.  You may also perform a self-inspection. To perform the self-inspection, simply take a metal tool, paint scraper, coin, or flat screw driver, and scratch the surface of the pipe protruding from the floor or wall prior to the water meter. If the pipe is easy to scratch and the scratched area is a shiny grey/silver color, the pipe is made of lead.  The figure below provides basic guidance for performing a self-inspection: Recent studies have shown that replacing only a portion of a lead service line can increase the risk of lead exposure from drinking water to the occupants.

Pipe Test Area

As a result, the Village has implemented policies and procedures to reduce the risk of lead exposure to its residents. The Municipal Code of the Village of Rothschild requires full Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLR), replacement of both the public and privately-owned lead service lines, when a reconstruction project has LSL funding as part of the same project; and would be completed concurrent with that project.   Generally, the funding provides a 50% cost share, to a maximum of $2,000.   As the requirements for replacement, reimbursement eligibility, and funding opportunities continue to evolve, the Village will be updating our policies and ordinances. 

Currently the village has not submitted an application to the State for LSL funding although may be in the near future.  The Village does encourage property owners to complete the private-side LSL as it is in best interests of the owner and the Village.  The current policy of the Utility has been that is an owner does completed the replacement of a private LSL, then the Village has also replaced the lateral to the main if it is lead at the same time. This may minimize your cost for the replacement of new concrete sidewalk, and restored turf areas in the right-of-way saving you money. Additional information about lead in drinking water can be found at the WI DNR Lead Service Line Replacement website or United States EPA Lead Service Lines website.

Property owners may wish to consider replacement of their building’s plumbing (pipe, valves, or fixtures) that contain lead-based materials. Please contact the Rothschild Water Utility at 715-359-5637 with any questions regarding lead in drinking water.