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Water Utility

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Billing and Administrative Office

The Rothschild Water Utility billing and administrative office is located in the Clerk-Treasurer's office of the Village Hall at 211 Grand Avenue. Office hours are 7:30 PM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. The Utility is responsible for billing approximately 1,500 accounts. The six members of the Rothschild Village Board and the Village President also serve as the Water Utility Commission. Meetings are generally every 4th Monday of the month at 7 PM. Meetings are open to the public, however, agenda items need to be submitted two weeks prior to each meeting. Please confirm meeting dates and times here.

Water bill payments
Online payments can be made hereFees apply
Phone payments: 715-359-5637 Fees apply
24/7 dropbox located inside the Village Hall
Mail: Rothschild Waterworks - 211 Grand Ave - Rothschild, WI 54474
ACH: please see bottom of this page for ACH authorization form

Water Emergencies 

In case of a water emergency contact the Rothschild Police Department at 715-359-3879.

Water Utility Cross Connection Information & Survey

Providing and maintaining a safe public water supply is a priority of both the Village of Rothschild and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR). Our goal is to obtain access to your residence to perform a cross-connection survey, and at the same time, perform any required maintenance on your water meter.

This survey takes approximately one (1) hour and is required by Wisconsin Administrative Code sections chapter SPS 382.41, NR810.15, and Village of Rothschild ordinance 9.02.13 and We are required to perform these inspections once every twenty (20) years for residential services and more frequently for other customer classes (business and commercial).

During the survey we will provide information and a brochure explaining what a cross-connection is and we will be checking for state-approved devices on all plumbing items, including, but not limited to: utility sinks, inside and outside hose connections, and hot water boiler systems. We will not be going into your bathroom or kitchens.

If a hazard is determined, the utility inspector will advise what the best suited device is for the correction. State approved cross-connection devices are available at local hardware stores and plumbers.

When you receive your notice (door hanger), please contact the Rothschild Waterworks within ten (10) days to schedule your appointment. We welcome any questions you may have regarding this program. We can be reached at 715-359-5637. Office hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Prior to your appointment, please be sure there is a clear path to the water meter and any other locations that may require inspection.

You can visit for more information and resources.

Residential Water User Cross-Connection Hazards - Bathrooms & Kitchens

Safety & Prevention - Could You Be Contaminating Your Drinking Water?

Drought & Watering

Northcentral WI Stormwater Coalition

Clean water starts with you - Be the solution to water pollution and do your part!
Sewer Problems & Flushable Wipes


The Rothschild Water/Sewer Utility is Warning All Customers that the use of "Flushable Wipes" may cause sewer backups. We strongly advise against using these products. While manufactures advertise these as biodegradable, it takes significant time to breakdown the fiber bonds. Before the fiber bonds breakdown this "cloth like" material can create blockage in sewer pipes that will lead to sewer back-ups.

If the backup is a result of a plug in the customers' lateral, a plumber or someone who specializes in cleaning sewer laterals can be called to open the pipe.

The Utility accepts No Responsibility for sewer backups.Use of "Flushable Wipes" is NOT ADVISED!

Final Water Meter Readings

Are you selling or purchasing property, a landlord, or a tenant in the Villlage of Rothschild?

Complete the and return the final meter reading request form via mail, the fax number, or email address provided on the form. Please note that lines marked with an * are required fields and a legitimate email address and phone number are required to confirm reciept of your request. Failure to provide the required information may result in the final reading request being considered fraudulent, and no action may be taken

Rib Mountain Metropolitan Sewerage District

The Rib Mountain Metropolitan Sewerage District (RMMSD), while located in the Town of Rib Mountain, is not part of the government of the Town of Rib Mountain. Instead it is a single purpose municipal Corp. whose sole duty is to be a regional waste water treatment facility in accordance with chapter 200 of the Wisconsin Statues. This facility was built in 1985 to treat the sanitary waste from the Village of Weston, the Village of Rothschild, the Village of Kronenwetter and the Rib Mountain Sanitary District. The Rib Mountain Metropolitan Sewerage District is governed by a 5 member commission. Visit their website at

Water Utility Clerk: Melanie Wiskow
Phone: 715-359-5637
Fax: 715-359-7218

Water Treatment Plant:
715-359-5105 -Lab
715-359-5637-Billing Office

Water Works Operator: Rick Stoviak
Phone: 715-302-0707

Assistant Water Works Operator: Craig Groshek
Phone: 715-573-7123
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Payments2 documents

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