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Leaf and Needle Collection
This scheduled collection is for LEAVES/NEEDLES ONLY No brush,branches,shrubs or other debris should be mixed with the leaves/needles. All leaves/needles should be raked into the street starting 10/11/14 with the last pick up date of 10-31-14. Please reference the Wausau Daily Herald,City Pages or the Buyers Guide for more information. The Buyers guide has a map to reference with dates of final pick up. The drop off compost site on St. Marks St. will close for the season November 15,2014 @ 4PM
Attention Water Utility Customers
Effective August 22, 2014 Wisconsin Payments will be shutting down service which means residents will no longer be able to pay utility bills with a credit card. The Utility will continue to accept cash, check, or money orders.
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